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Our Sew-ins

What is a sew-in? It's a virtual meeting over Zoom where each participant is working on their own sewing project, while chatting with other guild members in a small group. These virtual sew-ins are a great time to connect with your fellow guild members.

What should I work on during a sew-in? The choice is yours: machine work, hand work, ironing, cutting, choosing fabric, organizing, cleaning your workspace, or starting to think about your next project. It's also a great time to ask others for quilting tips and tricks, feedback, or advice. Since it's a Zoom call, if you're doing something loud, like running your sewing machine, be sure to mute your mic.

What kinds of sew-ins are there? There are general ones that have no specific topic or focus area, and often happen one day a week, ongoing for a number of weeks. These are just labeled as "sew-in (day of week)" on the calendar. There are sometimes sew-ins on a specific topic, such as working on the Block of the Month (BOM) or working on projects for the Social Justice Sewing Academy which focuses on anti-racist work, and those sew-ins have those topics listed in their titles. 

Can I join more than one? Yes, you can join as many as you like!

How do I sign up? Go to the Calendar of Everything page, and choose the sew-in you want to attend, and follow the registration flow.

Sew-in Best Practices:

  • Be welcoming. If a new-to-you person joined the sew-in take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself.
  • Be kind. Hopefully this goes without saying, but we want everyone to feel comfortable participating in our sew-ins.
  • Be open. We are all learning, practicing, and growing our quilting/sewing skills.
  • Include everyone. It can be hard to interject on Zoom. Give everyone a chance to join the conversation.
  • Share. Show us what you're working on, if you are working on something. You can join just to chat, too. : )
  • Mind the mute. Background noise (including noise from your sewing machine) can prevent other sew-in participants from being able to speak.
  • Celebrate all creativity. The quilt police are not invited. If you see or hear them, gently remind them quilting is open to everyone.


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