Giving Quilts

This page lists the current charity quilt efforts that guild members are invited to contribute to. You can view completed quilts from past years on Our Collaborations page.

Summer 2022:

MQG Community Outreach Challenge Quilt

Organized by MQG Community Quilt Outreach volunteers Louise Wackerman & Debbie Jeske,
and supported by Giving Quilts co-chairs Ann Marchand & Marion Lisko

Each year, one of the MQG challenges is to create quilts designed and developed by our guild communities.  These are displayed at Quiltcon each year and are sold to raise money for charities designated by the local organizers of Quiltcon.

Louise Wackerman and Debbie Jeske have volunteered to design and lead our Community Outreach Quilt effort this year.  Louise has prepared a tutorial for making the blocks, which is presented below.  If you collected fabric at the July guild meeting please note the deadline: blocks must be made and returned to Louise, Debbie, Ann or Marion, by August 10.

This year’s theme is Color Shift and you could choose between a warm and a cool palette. Our Giving Committee chairs chose the warm palette and we were helped by Fabric Bubb to pull this lovely color gradation together! 

For the color shift theme, the MQG is describing it as “a gradual blending from one color to another. This can be accomplished by using intensity, lightness/darkness, and color. The blending can occur in many ways, including within the same color (like baby blue to navy blue), between two unique colors (such as from purple to orange), or even between more than just two colors.” We are using the two lightest color pinks in the photo as a background and expressing the color shift from the darkest purple to a dark pink in the quarter circle blocks. 

Here's a sneak peek at an initial design idea! 

(ignore the white strips...) 

Instructions for constructing the blocks

Step 1: Stack the two squares, matching the bottom left corners. 

Step 2: Here’s where the improv comes in! No templates are needed to cut your curves. You will cut a curve in the two pieces of fabric starting at ‘about’ 4” and ending at ‘about’ 4”. 

Step 3: The larger block is the background color and the smaller block is the 1/4 circle.

Step 4: Pair the opposite pieces together. 

Step 5: Sew the two pieces together, right sides together. Do not pin! Align the quarter circle about a ¼” in from the edge of the background.  To sew without pinning, as you sew the pieces together, hold the background piece, which is on top, with your left hand and hold the 1/4 circle piece with your right hand and guide them through your machine. As the fabric moves through the machine, you will gently pull the two fabrics so the edges align as you sew your ¼” seam.

Remember: These are improv quarter circles. You are not sewing a perfect quarter circle!

Iron the seams towards the center of the circle.

Step 6: You will now have a slightly wonky block. Trim this down to a 5 ½” square.

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 thru 6 with the smaller pieces. Trim this into a square. No need to trim to a specific size, just into a square shape. 

How to submit your block to the Giving Quilt committee:

Send both blocks back to Louise prior to the August meeting, 8/10/2022.  (Click to view Louise's mailing address, which requires login)

Or coordinate with any of us via email for the best exchange:

Timeline for our group's submission to QuiltCon 2023:

Here's our schedule and we need to keep to it to meet our deadline for Quiltcon 2023. 

  • 7/13 - distribute block fabrics at in-person meeting
  • 8/10 - all blocks back to Louise, mailed or delivered. Louise will sort and distribute to three piecers to piece the top, middle and bottom sections
  • 9/14 - all sections mailed/delivered back to Marion/Ann for final piecing + quilt back delivered to them or Dionne
  • 10/12 - Dionne have quilting done
  • 11/9 - deadline for having quilt bound + hanging sleeve
  • 12/1 - quilt submitted to QuiltCon

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