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Here is a SiteMap:

  • The Seattle MQG homepage is the landing page that encourages you to login to gain access to all the great content. This also highlights the upcoming events and shows photos.
  • The Our Meetings section includes the following:
    • The Our Monthly Meetings page shows all our meetings for this year, lists the guest speakers, has links to register, and after the fact has links to the recordings. (If you're new to Zoom, check out the Zoom for Newbies page.)
    • The Calendar of Everything page has a calendar view of all the events happening in the next few months (guild meetings, board meetings, sew-ins, workshops, etc.)
    • The Our Sew-Ins page lists the different series of sew-ins that you can join for a casual social environment to sew and chat
    • The Our Workshops page has info about upcoming speakers, links to any workshops that are open for registration, and pointers to any info the workshop teacher has provided
  • The Our Work section includes the following:
    • The 2022 Block of the Month (BOM) page has links to each monthly prompt for this year’s content. Please join the guild to get access to this content.
    • The BOMs from Previous Years page has pointers to the block of the month content from the past
    • The 2021 BOM is the Improv Medallion
    • The Our Collaborations page includes photos and updates of what the guild has created as a group for things like charity quilts, or QuiltCon submissions
    • The Our Social Sites page gives you everything you need to post with the right hashtags for guild topics, along with pointers to our social presence on Facebook and Instagram
    • The Our Members in the News page celebrates guild members who have their quilts in a show, or were accepted to QuiltCon, or were highlighted in the news
  • The Our Membership section includes the following:
    • The Lending Library page includes a list of the books, DVDs, and quilting tools that we have available for checkout to members. Please join the guild to get access to this content.
    • The Giving Quilts page lists the current charity quilt efforts that guild members are invited to contribute to.
    • The Resources Compiled by Guild Members page is a compendium of tips, tricks, links, and learnings about a variety of topics, that come from our membership. This includes topics that range from sustainability best practices, tips for picking the right type of batting, to binding techniques. (From here, the Sustainability Resources page helps you make wise choices for the planet.)
    • The Guild Members Who Offer Services for Sale page features our guild members who also run businesses related to quilting. Here you can find longarm quilting services, sewing machine maintenance, and quilting patterns that are made by Seattle MQG members.
    • The Full Membership Directory page is a searchable list of the information that each guild member has OKed to be shared with fellow guild members. This can include name, city, phone number, blog website, Instagram name, and other info.  Please join the guild to get access to this content.
    • The Our Board page lists the individuals who volunteer their time and energy to organize the guild meetings, event, swaps, sew-ins, workshops, website, and other features, while also managing guild funds, handling membership, and organizing charity contributions. Please join the guild to get access to this content.
  • The Support section includes the following:
    • The Help and Sitemap page is the page you’re on now, which lists all the content on the site.
    • The Donate to the Guild page is where you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Seattle MQG which is a registered 501(c)3 charity.

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