2024 Challenge: I Heard It On The Radio

When you listen to music, what do you see? What do you feel? What do the lyrics say to you? Can you translate those sensations and thoughts into a quilt? Can you base a design on the color suggested in the song? We hope you are intrigued because our 2024 Challenge theme is “I Heard It on The Radio”!

We challenge you to capture a part of a song, music or lyrics, as design inspiration for a modern quilt. Since we are the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, think how the MQG’s principles (What Is Modern Quilting? - Modern Quilt Guild (themodernquiltguild.com) can be used in your design:

    • Bold use of color
    • High contrast and graphic areas of color
    • Improvisational piecing
    • Minimalism
    • Maximalism
    • Expansive negative space
    • Alternate grid work
    • Modern traditionalism

    The main goal of this challenge is to inspire you to do your own creative work in a way which encourages learning and exploring in an achievable bite. Wherever you are on your creative journey, you can do this. Have fun.
    A secondary stretch goal of the challenge is to exhibit the pieces. The Challenge Exhibition sub-committee is exploring venue(s). The date and location of any exhibitions will be announced later.
    Of course, a challenge is called a challenge because there are guidelines. Limitations breed creativity!

    • Design and make a modern quilt inspired by your choice of music or lyrics from any genre without using written language and music symbols in the design or quilting. Try not to use obvious symbols, or representations. Be mindful of copyrighted material and reach out to the original artist for permission if you have any copyright questions.
    • The perimeter of your piece must be between 60 and 100 inches
    • Your piece must be quilted (machine, hand, or tied)
    • Your piece must include a 4-inch hanging sleeve on the back to be exhibited
    • If you need instructions, here’s Jacquie Gering’s Sleeve Tutorial
    • Your piece must include a label on the back with title of the piece, inspiration song and/or lyrics, and your name to be exhibited
    • The challenge is open to all SEAMQG members and opens at the March 2024 meeting
    • The challenge closes at the September 2024 meeting

    Update: May 2024 Addendum

        • Make as many projects in response to the challenge as you like. Each member may enter one piece for physical exhibition and an unlimited number for virtual exhibition. All pieces must be completed by the close of the challenge. The committee will strive to include every piece in at least one physical space given the exhibit hall's individual restrictions.
        • Quilt for physical exhibition will be submitted at September 2024 meeting or mailed by September 6, 2024.
        • Members will retain pieces shown only in the virtual exhibit.
        • Committee will retain quilts for physical exhibition and will return quilts after last showing. As of May 2024, that date is June 11, 2025.
        • Whole cloth pieces are acceptable if they meet the other challenge criteria.
        • Use any material you like as long as you can tie, machine or hand quilt it! Please be aware that exhibition spaces may have limits on types of material in their space.
        • Use of glitter, electronics, materials with an odor or other non-textile embellishments may limit the exhibition of your submission and our ability to safely store it.

    Questions? Reach out to the Challenge Committee on Instagram or Discord. Brainstorm and join the conversation with other guild members in the Discord Challenge Channel. Tag us with #SEASongQuilt on your social media posts.

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